About us

NAVIGI - Where individuality finds freedom

The personality behind navigi

Hello, I'm Marcel and I've been dreaming of starting my own fashion label for a long time. Today I’ll tell you the story of NAVIGI.

For me, caps are much more than just fashion accessories. They are an expression of our personality. Based on this idea, I developed caps that are characterized by convertible designs (patches). At NAVIGI, every single cap can be individually designed according to the wearer's wishes.

The slogan “Be your own head” has a very special meaning for me. Basically, it's about doing your own thing without letting others stop you. The focus is on shaping life according to your individual wishes, sharing dreams, and developing and implementing ideas together. Together with my team, I am pursuing the vision of further developing our label through diverse inspiration and ideas from a wide variety of minds and letting it metaphorically sail away. We will soon share with you how you become part of it.

The team - the essence of navigi

In our team we combine traditional values ​​with modern thinking in a unique symbiosis.

Unfortunately, these days the basic idea that one hand washes the other often seems to be neglected. However, we firmly believe that supporting each other is the key to success, which is why this principle is an essential part of our journey.

That's why we would like to introduce you to our valued team member Samuel, whose passion for innovation and commitment to mutual growth embodies exactly what NAVIGI stands for.

Together with you, our goal is to build bridges between tradition and progress and thus revive the spirit of cooperation in our modern world. We are convinced that these values ​​are not only the foundation of our brand, but also the cornerstone for a promising and fulfilling future.

The navigi community

NAVIGI symbolizes individuality, freedom and the courage to go your own way. It's more than just a fashion label - it embodies a movement that inspires and connects people.

Our vision is to make you, as loyal NAVIGI followers, an integral part of our brand.

In the world of NAVIGI, a wealth of exciting adventures and ideas are waiting to be discovered. That's why we warmly invite you to become part of this incomparable journey and explore the fascinating world of NAVIGI together with us.

Our goal is to embark on a meaningful journey of success together with our ever-growing community. We strive to discover new horizons and realize the dreams of each individual.